Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Yay halloween stores :)

So, like eight years ago I helped manage a Spirit Halloween Superstore. In a certain respect, this was the "last gasp" of my adolescence, since immediately following I did the "move-out, get-a-place" routine, which turned into "crashing financial debt, interpersonal drama." So, it was well-placed in the halcyon, sepia-tone period of my life, kind of. Except for that annoying point where someone blew up NYC and the pentagon, that was a damper, but neither here nor there.

At any rate, I have a love of Spirit Halloween that's perhaps disproportionate to the actual worth of the content, so I'm always excited to see the big orange banners going up toward the end of August :)

I took a little time out yesterday to stop by the SH near my house--near Parmer and I35, across from the Target, y'all Austinites. It was GREAT. The two girls they've got doing display-work are stellar, and the organization is weirdly logical. There's some new fairy costumes that are nicely done, though I didn't really find anything I had to take home with me (and I'm no-where near androgynous enough to wear a fairy costume even if I wanted to, which, well, no thanks! but one can admire :)

Hoofed over to the target, and bought a few new halloween placemats. My goal is to be able to serve 16 people on matching plates, matching silverware, and totally un-matching halloween placemats and napkins. I'm actually getting close on the placemats. I can't find a halloween tablecloth that fits our huge table though :(

There's a second-rate costume place with really, really good shoes at the end of the block, but I've never quite figured it out. The costume selection is sub-par, compared to Spirit. But they have really good shoes and hats. *shrug*

Wandered off with Nox Arcana's three latest albums, which sound like all their earlier work, yay! One had a fairy tale theme, allegedly, but it's not very pronounced, except for a lot of extended handbell solos.

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