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Not a bad weekend all told.

I'm still a bit frantic over next Sunday's church activities, it's a pretty big event, but it'll be over in a week. Spent a lot of time working on that here and there.

A family crisis cancelled Friday's game, so we puttered around with the residents of Chukar, some genero-Chinese food and then chattered for a while. Crashed a little later.

Had a church meeting Saturday and a game Saturday evening, so not a lot of rest then! I thought the game went very well, though the second combat was kind of draggy. I had a monster hidden in another plane with only one of the party tanks really able to hit it, which was a bit of a slow grind :(

Sunday--kind of the same, really, but Whines was running his game, which went well--I think I made a few faces at him, but the combat with a black dragon was only challenging, not nightmarish--though since my character's died twice this week, getting a faceful of acid breath weapon made him desperately try to get the party back into a nice inn.

mserinquinn had found a copy of The Room on Netflix--though apparently Butterfly had given that to us for Christmas!--and we watched it in mild shock and pain. Dreadful :)

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