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Minor "zazzle" binge--

My usual "I'm going to a furry events!" dress code is an interesting vest, blue glasses, and a teleportation-themed T-shirt. Unfortunately, it's irritatingly difficult to find a teleportation-themed t-shirt.

Yay Zazzle!

Zazzle had a few different options for me--though I'm still waiting for a tee with Nightcrawler's iconic "BAMF!!" cloud (there's a lot of BAMF shirts, but they're riffing off the "Bad A$$ Mo-fo" idea.) It's available in Britain, grumble, but they're not shipping to the US yet.

So they had a couple of cute ones :) One had a picture of a "Safety Man" style guy teleporting across the shirt, with the caption "Rules of Teleportation," so I got two of those in different colors. But the BEST one was a little oval that said "Teleport Magic" on it--perfect :)

One that I thought about but didn't get was a cute one for Harry Potter fans that said "My Heart is Splinched Without You," which was nice, but the reference is a little specific, there's a bit of a "TLDR" thang (particularly on a t-shirt, one that's likely to be obscured by a vest), and, as Whines pointed out, blink dogs don't splinch, that's for other, lesser teleporters.

Hmm...would I wear the "Team Displacer Beast" shirt, or not? That's difficult.

Displacer Beasts Team Shirt tee by ComfyCushion. Available from
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