Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Besides lunch with Whines on Saturday, weekend was pleasantly constructive-but-uneventful. D&D Saturday evening went well, my character didn't die (there's been a lot of that lately). Instead, he stuck to the rear wall like a climbing vine. Someone else brought in another healer, so I *may* tweak my character back to an "everybody get THAT guy" Leader instead of a "Are you hurt? Let me fetch a band-aid" Leader. We'll see.

Bopped around to several Half Price Books on Sunday and Monday, since they were all having a 20% off sale. Whines found a complete set of a pretty cute Anime series about a little vampire girl with cat ears, seems okay. Had an early church meeting Sunday, fairly productive.

I'm really burning out a bit on church though. There's a lot of inefficiencies in the system that are causing grief--made worse because I'm pretty sure that I'm one of those inefficiencies.

Monday--calm day--early lunch, some shopping, then a labor day BBQ at Bauson's. Game wrapped up with silly board games, not a bad way to end.

Soooooo hard to wake up. I've really not been able to wake up since I got all worked up about that job a month or so ago. That kind of killed a lot of my remaining work-enthusiasm. Bleah.

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