Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

It's funny because it's base

In Saturday's D&D game, S plays an artificer, with a power called "healing infusion." She's always joked that this is a Ghostbusters-esque spritz of pink goo. Lately, she's started short-handing her use of this power with a liquid "Sqrk, sqrk" sound effect, as of onomatopoiecally squirting a squirt bottle.

Last night, she started miming some sort of pump-action, two-handed squirt apparatus, but I wasn't paying THAT much attention to this gesture, since I was trying to figure out what my dozen monsters were up to that round. So I look up, and she's making a gesture as of squeezing both mammary regions, and saying "Sqrk, sqrk!" at whatever poor victim needed healing that round.

Things I did NOT know about artificers, volume 3. Their lactations heal the lame and cure the dying.
Tags: d&d

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