Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

Not that memorable of a weekend, kind of formulaic. D&D Friday night was fun. I think my character's core build feature (the ability to cast a massive, augmented, and "free action" Turn Undead/Demons/elementals/chromatic dragons/Immortals every time the GM rolls a 20) is...maybe a little powerful. It's taken me about six feats and a Paragon Path to get there, but even so, it's a bit game-breaking in certain encounters. Utterly useless in others. But that "situationally godlike, otherwise useless" thing is kind of moderating? I don't know, will discuss with group. We had an encounter with elementals at the top of a mesa (blew most of them off the mountain with two attacks) and a massive swarm of obsidian-shard whirlwind minions (killed most of them with one attack).

Saturday, kind of slow--woke up early, got some church work done, grabbed lunch with Whines, plotted for D&D, ran game. There might have been a few thrift stores there--I found something delightfully nasty, a candle in a champaign glass that looks like it was made to resemble a rice pudding parfait, with little dried fruits floating at the top. Yech!

D&D fun, though I got a little grumpy at the end. Cranberry's character bribed a manticore with a box of expensive gourmet chocolates (each chocolate was priced at about six month's commoner's wages...) and I think the "cliff-climb over howling portal to heck" skill challenge was actually pretty tense. At the end, I'd set up a life-threatening encounter with a timer to the next encounter, and the PCs ran to escape it, which makes perfect sense, but it did throw a lot of plot elements out the window, so I need to figure out how to repair that.

Sunday--mostly unscheduled. Church stuff in le morning, so-so lunch at the new "La Tapateria" restaurant, just to see what it was like. It was so-so. Ran down south to get all the "Revolutionary Girl Utena" series for Josef, and found a pretty new White Wolf book I'd been wanting :)

Home, made a ghost pepper curry to share with Whines, Maru, Bauson, and Ms Quinn [edit: and Folfers, too! Sorry, Crystal :)], and wrapped up the day with the 1950s Little Shop of Horror (rifftrax), and some random video clippage.

Not a bad weekend, but one that had enough elements cribbed from other weekends that I'm having a hard time remembering it even now.

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