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Blerf, everything's a little wobbly right now--besides having a really bad "I can't breath" sort of day, I've been getting maaaaybe five hours of sleep and a fair amount of busy the last few days--Whines and I got the opportunity to work on a local indy movie, him doing lights and me as an extra :) It's been fun! Synjmunki's beein extraing too and lugging lights around, I'm trying to see about getting a DVD for the inevitable two-household viewing party :)

That's been a pleasant change of pace, I haven't had much time to be morose lately, which is good. On the other hand I haven't had much time to get work done, and I haven't exactly missed a "deadline" on thrifthorror but I've been making posts day-of or while I should have been paying attention to conference calls at work.

Thrifthorror's growing at an agonizingly slow pace, with 42 friends on the Facebook site and a pretty steady 12-16 hits per day on the days when I post. I like to think that it's trending upward on average, but if it is it's a v-e-r-y slow growth trend that could be attributed to sunspots instead of history/quality of posts. I've told myself that I'm going to try to do Google Banner ads as a tiny revenue stream when I get to an average of 100 hits per day, but it may be a while on that. Maybe I'll aim for 50.
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