Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in Review

This was kind of a rough weekend. I got a bad start on Friday when a job I was really hoping for and really optimistic about--gotten through a skills test, interview, and they were calling my references--fell through. It was for a college publishing house, and while I have about 8 years marketing experience in an educational press, the person I was facing off with had four years in a college press. I think mserinquinn--or Lhexa?--pointed out that I could have been competing with the person the job was designed for, in which case I made a pretty good showing, it was definately down to me and one other person :( Sigh. It would have been a perfect fit, too, a little low-paying, but a great environment.

Gaming on Friday fun but a little short, got a late start at 8:30. My gnoll seems to have lost his pet hyenas in a political insurrection. He's very sad about this. On the plus side, I have the amazing ability to turn my entire party into small furry animals, which is fun :)

Saturday--mix of work and play, some kind of unsatisfying thrift-store shopping, then working on church stuff, then some aimless puttering for a while, one of those awkward "no-one wants todo anything but it's too early to shut down" limbos.

Sunday--stayed at home, worked on an editing project. Then saw "Avatar:Airbender" with Lhexa and Whines, which was dumb but pretty--except for the widely variable 3D effects which occasionally inverted some characters.

Monday--hard time waking up, realized I'd forgotten to write Monday's ThriftHorror, didn't make it to work until 8:45.

Weekend review: two stars, but that's kind of being generous.
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