Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

Friday D&D cancelled, we ended up catching dinner and then I think we watched a movie, but I don't really remember what it was. Am I wrong? I had a little work to do for church. Apparently not very memorable at all.

Saturday had breakfast with mserinquinn at Luby's, because we both have a weakness for midwestern cafeteria style. It was okay, variety not so great but for $5 not terrible. Unfortunately nobody had any cash in their pocket, and there was a rather nice waitress who probably deserved a dollar or two. I don't agree with mandatory tipping (I do it, I don't agree with it) as a part of our culture, because it raises the guilt-bar on paying a "gratuity" for substandard service, it's arbitrary (I promise, if one person orders lobster thermadore and I order an iced tea, the waiter's going to have a lot more issues with my iced tea) and there's no reason why restaurants should recieve subsidized wages for their staff when small retail doesn't. *shrug* And I'm not sure where that rant came from.

Stopped by dragon's lair to look at the new game books, only bought one though. Josef ran his game that evening, which was fun! In one encounter, my Shaman threw out one power that wiped out virtually all the minions in an encounter (a mama boar and her squealing brood). Felt kind of guilty about that. Then caught the entire party in a damage-resist effect that mitigated most of the damage for the rest of the encounter.

In the next encounter, I took six longbow shots at once and fell over, actually ended up dying before the end, that hasn't happened to me in 4E yet. It's hard to kill someone in 4E--but when the person that goes down is the party's healer, well, that's a problem.

A little church in the morning, then late lunch with Whines. He had some bad food and then did some lawn work, so was a little dizzy all weekend. Wrapped up with some home-made beef-brocolli stir fry and a second-rate family film about a comic book angel come to life. Most of Chukar House was over, which made for a nice, quiet evening of film mockery, not a bad way to wrap up the weekend.

I wouldn't mind taking a re-do on this weekend and getting it right, everything seems a little off-balance, but the fun parts were fun.

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