Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Physically picked up but do not own

Flipped through the Dark Sun bestiary, Complete Psionics guide, and Dark Sun Campaign setting. I'll probably have to wait until Amazon sends me some freebies or something to get the complete psionics guide, and really, I don't need the Dark Sun bestiary ever, pretty though it is. I did get dark sun campaign guide.

The Complete Psionic has a new Psion character build/power that's focused on just bending reality in strange ways. They can summon an invisible space-occupying force, create stuff from the adventurer's tool kit, and have a lot of fun warpy-bendy powers. They summon ectoplasm, which I'd bet on a few days before the book came out and I'm pleased to say that if someone had bet against me I'd have a dollar or something. And make walls, obstacles, conjurations. Not terribly thematically on-topic for a mind-mage, but good stuff! I'm actually interested in this one, which really hasn't been the case for a lot of psychic classes--at least unless I'm trying to fill a party void.

Dark Sun has a new Shaman build that I'm interested in playing, but I think I'm going to hold off for now and experiment with the bear shaman instead. Whines's intermittent game has a serious striker bent to the party, and we're a little low on defenders right now, so I need to have a "hold that line, please!" character in place. It's three ranged strikers, one melee striker/defender (two-handed weapon fighter) and one striker/leader (cat-shaman, my character). Need to work on safely melee-buffing the fighter.
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