Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Mixed evening

Had a lot of work to get done, played board games instead, which was fun :) Bauson and a few others helped me learn three new games I'd had on the shelf for a while-- Agnus (?) Dei, a German card game where strange forces called Zeitgiests fight against the forces of dogmatism to bring enlightened humans to life to populate their seperate worlds. each card is a philosophy, philosopher, scientist, or idea. Neat, but the trappings aren't really supporting a somewhat dull, Flux-like mechanic.

Dixit, a pretty game where people essentially try to guess which piece of art you're thinking about, with a big deck of surreal, dreamy illustrations. It's kind of Apples-to-Apples, a little Balderdash, a lot Wise or Otherwise. A bit slow-moving for a party game, but thoughtful.

Infernal Contraption, a silly game where goblins build engines of war and try to blow the heck out of each other's scrap piles.

Nice evening :)

I don't know what to feel about the Prop 8 thing. Yes, if I was in Cali I'd pop open a bottle of champaigne, but I'm not. I'm in Texas, we've got harsher laws and frankly less protection, and all this war was waged in a state that had civil unions to begin with. And this is, what, the third time marriage has been rolled out, only (probably) to be put back in the box? I can understand that this is a big-name state where the battle could be won. I'm not a pessimist, I want to be an optimist, but "third time's the charm" is a magical principle, not a scientific fact. I do look forward to hearing how the story progresses, though. Because of the off-again, on-again Cali can make a stronger case for discrimination that can penetrate even the thick-headed "you have exactly the same right to marry someone you don't love as we do" a$$holes.

In lighter news, TWO ghost chili peppers on the vine! Go us! mserinquinn is thinkign of going iron chef with me on them :) Chili vs. Curry? I wish I had a third for buffalo wings!

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