Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Fortune's Fool

Kind of getting excited about a new game coming out this month called Fortune's Fool. The concept is "fantasy based on Rennaisance Europe", a bit tolkeinny. I can't say I give an elf's fart about the setting, it sounds like that's been rehashed several times over.

But the mechanic sounds very interesting! The entire thing revolves around drawing from a tarot deck--and the game master never touches a die, or generally touches the cards.

It sounds a bit like the primary engine is a 1-13 difficulty system (based on the pip cards). However, the various races have different affinities with the suits (so presumably Orcs "get lucky" with swords and pentacles (conflict and fire), humans are just luckier and get three suits that are generally beneficial to them. Luckier characters can draw twice. Critical Hits and Critical Fumbles are some of the specific Greater Arcana (Tower, Emperor).

The game has a dynamic between luck and skill--an ancient arcanist has a high skill, a child might have a high luck. Some characters can manipulate the game in a few different ways--they can reshuffle, or avoid reshuffling, or change the origin, and some cards have a fixed meaning--Wheel of Fortune is a reshuffle, the Fool inverts some of the specific meanings, the Death Card tends to create a high-threat "enchant world" until someone dies. Cards stay on the table generally until Something Happens, so there's that increased threat level of "the Tower still hasn't come out yet, tension rising."

Atomic Array has a podcast episode about this that talks about the mechanic.

Anyway, this sounds like a genuinely NEW and very flavorful way of randomizing. I'm really looking forward to this one! Wish I was going to GenCon, I'd get a copy :) I hope the mechanics isn't TOO tied to the world, because if it could be tweaked to be a little more general/universal, that'd be a happy thing.

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