Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review:

One of those too-productive weekends.

Gaming Friday was scary—we faced off with a white dragon which very nearly thrashed the party. Somewhat amazingly, my hexblade and Bauson’s psion were able to intimidate the critter into backing off, after it had wiped half the party out. We needed a roll of 17 or better, and got a 17. Yay! If that roll hadn’t succeeded, I’m thinking the party would have been a frozen dinner.

Saturday – had some lights to set up at church, so got there in the morning to scope out the land, grabbed lunch, came home, worked on projects for an hour, then it was the evening and time for the church’s silent auction. I had two items up for bid—four hours MS Excel training or work, and six hours kitchen time. The kitchen time went for $60, which was pretty good! I think I’m making someone and their family a nice birthday meal. The Excel training didn’t go at all, as far as I know, which kind of surprises me—last year it got up to $70.

At the auction, realized with a bit of horror that my committee was getting their “moment of recognition” in the church the next morning, and I hadn’t told anyone! Yikes! Major embarrassment. Half the committee was there, though, so that helped.

Sunday was a bit of a downer at start—I’m stepping down as chairperson of my team, and most of the team is resigning : ( . This is going to go badly for the person taking over. A lot of it is, unfortunately, political stuff. Maybe they’ll change their mind, but I’m on the fence about it, myself.

Grabbed lunch, was hoping to catch Lhexa for lunch but it was not to be. Transportation is a little more restrictive without the car : ( A few hours work, then dinner with some passing-though furries—Andy, and two peeps whose names elude me. Still, nice way to wrap up the evening! Came home, worked on, and then passed out.

Weekend overall a bit too productive. More relax-time appreciated, thank you weekend gods.

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