Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Totally juvenile moment.

Whines bought us a copy of the extended version of Watchmen. Now, I enjoyed the comic immensely, and thought the movie was a very good adaptation, at least within the limits of the movie medium.

But then, there's Dr. Manhattan, who was v-e-r-y generous when he remade his body, and then started wandering around naked.

Points to the movie for not hiding that sort of thing, it was big, blue, and out there, just like in the comic.

Now, in Shreck, and a lot of the other CGI fantasy films, they have a blooper reel of rendering errors. I'm not-so-secretly hoping for a "Dr Manhattan Rendering Error" reel. Where the algorhythms that control, say, shading or motion are "accidentally" skewed. To, like, maximum flop response when moving, or something. Comedy gold.

Okay, I'm finished with the 10-year-old giggling now.
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