Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

In the balance, a pretty good weekend. Had a nice D&D game friday night, some good plot complications. My character finally made Level 16, which is where his Paragon Path really lights up and shines (Hello, Turn Undead every three or four rounds). Still working on our Epic Metaplot stuff, which is rewarding.

Saturday, late start, light day. Hit a few thrift stores, came home, worked on some church stuff, grabbed dinner. Accidentally ran into themightyemu at a Yoghurt Shack, that was a treat :) Found a very interesting DVD of modern French animated horror in B&W, nice way to cap the day.

Sunday--church stuff in the morning. The new minister kind of arbitrarily shuffled some very important church stuff around, which was frustrating and caused a lot of argument, as well it should. Brief meeting with my team, then lunch with the cast of the House on Chukar Circle--Bauson, Cebu, Maru, but not Dow so much.

Yay! Found a half-inch shard of glass in a piece of sausage I was eating! I am teh winnerz!

The sound of biting in to a shard of glass is TERRIBLE, like two of your teeth are shattering :( No actual harm done (I think!) but it was alarming.

Bauson was kind enough to work on some formatting stuff for ThriftHorror.Com with me, to help get the entire thang ready for National Clown Week on August 1. This is going to be the "launch" for the 'blog and facebook page, so I hope we get some new members :)

Wrapped up the day with the new movie Inception--very good, if leaned too heavily on action instead of writing at times--then, home and sleep!

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