Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Okay, that's enough cooking!

Bbblbtb. Made cold tomato avocado soup for 60 yesterday. This seemed like a good plan--a cold soup doesn't require cooking, easier to store, so better for quick-serve dinner, right? No! The food-processor time was a huge time sink, and peeling 20 avocados was a pain in the rear. Actually, a pain in the cuticles, my fingertips are very very sore! I habitually bite my nails, so using them to claw apart a stubborn underripe avocado peel = the bad. Ach.

Today, got off work at 1:30 to run to church and finish the job--salad for 60, pear-gorganzola-bacon-romaine, quite tasty. Unfortunatley, only about 38 showed up. Lots of leftovers for the furries.

I'm SO fried, though! I spent all day in a daze, having a really hard time stringing together a sentence or typing without correcting every single word. Yeesh.

Anyway, verily, enough of that :) I'm not cooking tomorrow!

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