Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in Review:

Weekend a little meh.

Friday--D&D game got cancelled for prior commitments, which was a little sad--I've had a v-e-r-y stressy week, and was looking forward to this one. On the other paw, one of the players missed an important session and it'd be sad if she had to miss two in a row, which would have been the case, so maybe it's a net wash.

Ended up watching Despicable Me with Whines, which was fun and a good pick-me-up. I liked it more than he did, but it wasn't a bad kiddie film regardless. It may be unfair to compare all CGI kiddie films to Pixar's masterpieces :)

Saturday--Birthday lunch with KT Kat, and Sdo and KTs family. Barbeque at County Line, which was pretty tasty, though I did kind of jump up and down on my diet.

Plotted for several hours, then my game. Apparently I forgot to send out a reminder e-mail, so VERY reduced party, and I didn't really have much time to adjust. Thankfully nobody that I'd really built a pillar of my plot on vanished. Some crazy elemental combat, and a journey into an abandoned dwarven city filled with undead, culminating in a plot-kill of Whines's gnoll. Which may or may not be permanent, but I did steal his thrice-damned sunblade, which I am NOT giving back!

Sunday--kind of grumpy in the morning, had to get up and go to a church meeting, which ate a LOT of time up (worked on materials for it in the morning, meeting was from 1:30 to 3:00.) I wish they'd had an earlier start :(

Whines's D&D session, which wasn't really a high note. He had some good ideas, but there was some rules-awkwardness and personality friction that added a weird note to things.

This is going to be a brutal week for me! I've got meeting this afternoon with new church interim minister; shopping and cooking tomorrow; half-day Wednesday to cook for like 40 people. Challenging! The rest of the week is fairly mellow, but I'll have to work a little longer each day to make up for the missing time.

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