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Weekend in review

Bwaaah. I'm not going to say I want my weekend back, because we did a lot of good things, but I would like an extra, say, half day to recouparate and clean the paste off the kitchen counters!

D&D Friday night - I know we played, I'm having a hard time remembering the game...we invaded a Drow fortress set up in the Underdark, possibly staffed by a demigod. Displacer beasts are horrible things. I think the party didn't actually survive that, but Whines let us scrape our bodies off the ground and run out the door.

Saturday - bake bake, two loaves of challah. yum. Some clean-up, but not enough. D&D was really fun--Whines has ratchetted up the "creepy background" of his setting after an invasion from the Far Realm in an old city near a wizard's tower. Lots of undead and abberations for scenic effect. Good stuff, very creepy!

Sunday - gah. up at 6:30 to cook, ran to church at 11:30 to serve, some minor territory squabbles as I forced the issue on serving space and getting a buffet out to the easter crowds. They were hell-bent on leaving bagels out with a pricetag on them, and a "minutia maven" told me repeatedly "well, someone might want their bagels." While we were trying to serve up a free soup, salad, and bread brunch for Easter. Stupid!

Dishes...aaaagh, dishes. Washing dishes from 1:30 to 4:00.

Light lunch with mom, home by 6:00. Sat down for what I thought was an hour of editing, but the bibliography on the doctoral thesis I'm working with was top to bottom wrong, and i didn't finish until 10:30 :(

But that's done. A lot of checkmarks done. Now I can move on to other things! Yay other!

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