Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Teachers! Surrounded by teachers!

At a conference with about 60 secondary English teachers. The amount of pedantry in one room is astonishing--usually I have to go to a church service for this :)

It's been fun. The hotel overlooks Lake Austin, and at 4 or so the lake gets various boaters and rafters. I saw one fellow standing up on what looked like an oversized surfboard, slowly rowing himself across the lake--it looked a bit like something out of Venice, but shirtless :)

I finished the massive editing project I've been working on. In the final balance, it looks like I only spent like 80 hours on the project, though it feels longer. Mr. Thesis is defending on Friday--here's hoping!

I'm looking forward to working on more creative type stuff. Got an RPG campaign I've been gearing up for for months, and a website I've backburnered for years (the learning curve involves a lot of PHP and CSS, neither of which I'm comfortable with). It'll be fun to get started on those!
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