Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Mutant rabbits

...And Easter continues to continue! Today's rabbits are truly bottom-of-the-barrel beasties. Take this guy for example.


At least I assume he's a guy, he's blue. The long eyelashes are a bit of a nod toward androgyny. The whiskers made of push-pins are a bit of a nod toward insanity. Overall, this is the face of a rabbit that has stared into the brink of madness and taken photos.


You kind of have to take it on faith that this is a rabbit. The ears add a bit of context. One fun thing about this particular basket? If you put "peeps" in it, they try to escape through the mesh holes. True story.


If the first one is a "before," this poor creature is the "after." Let's just root around in here and see what the trouble is. Oh, I see the problem--you're filled with jelly beans! We'll just pick out all the bad colors.


That's one heck of a buck tooth you've got there, princess. And the huge, catlike eyes are...different. It looks like spiders are trying to escape your corneas. It's sad when the fact that you have a pop-top cranial cavity is actually one of the more normal things about you. Please don't jump up and down too much though, something might fall off.


...well, what's not to love here? The hideous pink eye? The stump of an arm? Or the strange yellow bile coughed up over a dress that accessorizes far, far too well with strange yellow bile? Maybe it's the way she's staring at you. She's preparing a hug. For you. A sticky hug. Happy Easter.


Drink deeply from the basket of Easter. Join us. Join us in hunger and rage and strange, amorphous pantsuits and airbrushed dresses. Stain your muzzle in the juice of Easters past. Some say it's a basket of fruit, but we say it's...vengeance.

Blue bunny basket and hideous Easter ooze: Goodwill on 2222 and Lamar. Screwtop ziplock easter bunny and bunnies with basket Goodwill on Stassney and Manchacha.

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