Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

I have to say, with the increase in my free time I've been enjoying weekends a fair bit more :)

Friday game got cancelled, unfortunately. Bauson and we hung out for a while--grabbed dinner, watched "Storyquest," a new webcast/DVD by the makers of "Gamers" and "Heart of Dorkness." Not quite as "every line's a joke" as the two movies, but good stuff :)

A little bit of unsuccessful puttering--Whines took me downtown Saturday to hit some thrift stores, one of which was closed and the other was meh. Then hit Zhi Tea (I love you Zhi Tea) and bought some tasty citrus-mate' for mother's day, and a tin of coconut chai for me, which was quite tasty.

D&D that night--Whines's game SEEMS to have driven into some strange, abberent-dominated alternate reality or chronology. I'm not sure exactly which--we hopped through a malfunctioning gate with a improvised piece of magic cast by a dilletant demonologist, so it's probably a good thing we're not in the Abyss somewhere. The landscape's creepy and weird and I think he re-watched the french animation, "Fantastic Planet." Again.

Mother's Day on Sunday, so I got up a bit early to clean up and prepwork--one of those "not quite right" mornings. I got chased around the kitchen by a very tenacious spider, the dog barfed, and my computer wouldn't turn on, but ultimately I got a nice turkey off the grill for a late lunch. Then we watched "Mamma Mia" with the sing-along track turned on.

Almost had to give the mexican hairless mouth-to-mouth *shudder* when he took a piece of turkey from my hand, but accidently INHALED the chunk of rawhide he was chewing. Stupid dog!

Nice weekend! Whines a little headachey on Sunday, and Lhexa came for a visit but he was kind of sleep-depped.

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