Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

Ach. Weekend off to a bad start with a series of e-mails Friday. The church is voting on hiring a volunteer coordinator (the answer to that should be “yes, absolutely, even if you have to sell off the children for the money.”) But the entire process has been hobbled a bit by the source of revenue for the position and the fiscally “responsible” opposition. Way to tend that corpse there, friends. Anyway, lots of anti-VC spam over the weekend, very frustrating, mass e-mails are NOT a good way to create an open process or avoid partisan bickering.

Frustratingly, blessedly, or both, my e-mail programs wouldn’t let me “reply all.”

Friday’s game was fun, a bit short—some very problematic puzzles, and my character’s “evil ex” (an Eladrin, or magicky-elf-type, that my anthro sparklewolf character has been crushing on for 15 years now and thought was dead) showed up to cause problems. At some point in the last six months Whines must have read a book on “establishing mood in RPGs,” he’s been doing a bang-up job at creepy and weird lately. Good stuff!

Saturday—a little light shopping. Got a pair of nice “sketchers” dress shoes, nice-looking sturdy stompy shoes that are pretty comfortable. Because of my two-mile daily hike lately and the crap shoes I’ve had, my dogs have been barking something fierce lately, and these may be just perfect. A little large, tho. Then home, get angry at e-mail again, attempt to do some PHP work but too muzzy and reference books too obscure. Finally found my “simple PHP concepts, one per page” book on my way out the door.

Went to Shakespeare play which was supposed to be directed by Samantha, but unfortunately she wasn’t going to be there that particular day and I didn’t know if I’d be able to make another showing. Halfway decent folk music band for preshow and intermission. A little whispy and I couldn’t sing along because, well, performance. Lhexa, Tofu there, Richard Garriott’s backyard theater. Play: 12th Night. Good show, lots of larfs. Sterling played a priest, which was unexpected, SidB also there in audience, doubly unexpected.

Sunday—church, vote for VC failed (three votes short of two-thirds majority, which is a bitter pill). Angry for several hours. Dinner with USBunny and movie (Homeword Bound, total Disney schlock, but amusing), USB, Bauson, Sebu. Then home, attempt to sleep but dogs decide to puke at 3:00.

Weekend: 1.5 stars.

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