Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

This week's successes

I'm having a lot of job-angst right now. Thankfully I'm employed, but everything's very frustrating and crazy-making.


This week, Whines and I reorganized a few big chunks of the house. We moved the china cabinet to the garage, and I got to set up a cute little greeting table--with our new folk art doggie statue, my silly goodwill candy bowl (it looks like a doggie-dish made by a 10-year-old) filled with chocolate, the new surveyor's level and alchemical-looking lamp (both steampunky), and a little basket for keys, on top of a pretty olde-style radio cabinet. Looks intentional and reasonably well-thought-out, if not very thematically unified. Entire front room (which is a huge room) has been reorganized a bit, most of the non-functional stuff pulled out.

Had a nice "meeting" last night with two friends and S, one of my oldest friends, to do some job networky stuff. Not for me, but if it pans out for either of them, then that'll be a happy success :)

I've got some great ideas for this week's D&D session! If I can find three hours to nail down the plot elements, I think they'll go really well. I'm kind of wanting another oversized piece of plexiglass for a second big map though.

Aaand, I've got about 230 job applications out there and have been really good about digging for new opportunities, at least 2-3 per week--that's kind of low if I was actually job-seeking, but I'm employed so that's not bad, I think. Statistically, I really should have about 12 people try to hire me next week :) We'll see!
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