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Whoof, tired!

Got up at like 7:20, about an hour after I'd planned to. Curse you, snooze button! I'm *still* kind of half-asleep, which is bad because my inbox is crammed with little scutwork jobs, and I need my brain in gear to keep up with them!

Got some good work done last night before and after "strip night," an informal chicken strip dinner with some local furs. I have a china cabinet that doesn't quite serve a useful function, but DOES take up a lot of psychological space in the front room--covers a good wall for art, and really just acts as a level surface to accumulate ... stuff.

So, I braved the 100-degree garage and started shovelling stuff around. With some help from Whines, managed to shove two of the massive storage shelves to an under-utilized corner of the garage, and moved the china cabinet into the garage where it will, surprise, store china. While this will short-term create a massive load of chaos in its wake, since I just took everything off a few shelves and rammed a big piece of furniture into a crowded storage room, I think there'll be a nice cascade of useable space to follow--books can go on the bookshelf instead of plates, getting books off the floor, and some of the "never opened ever" boxes are more accessible now.

Will replace the china cabinet with a little old-style radio cabinet, which'll be just perfect for holding a few specific decorations, and maybe a little bowl for keys. We can keep some of our game-stuff in the cabinet until it's actually usable as a music player. Which probably won't happen this year!

Anyway, that was something that'd been weighing on me in a small way for about six months, glad to get it out of the way!

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