Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Back from San Antonio!

Spent the weekend in San Antonio on a massive thrift shop spree! Lots of good pictures. San Antonio's Texas Thrift Store chain is the most awesomely awesome thrift franchise I've seen in the history of ever! Went to four of their five stores. The two smaller were both strong stores on their own, certainly a place I'd stop if I was already on that side of town. Not great, but solid. Their two BIG stores were...amazing! Bigger than any thrift store I've seen in Austin, with tons of excellent stuff and enough of the crap I'm *really* looking for to keep me entertained. Very cool!

Got a slightly late start Saturday--hit the highway at 11:00, had to stop by Target because we cannibalized my camera's data card to give the nav-sat a new brain. Went through San Marcos for a bit, only found one thrift store, Google and Garmin totally lead me astray on that! Waah! And the GW was...unexceptional, a typical neighborhood GW.

Made it to SA and lunch with Maus and Tenar at about 1:30. Lunch at a Morrocan restaurant, a tasty gyro-like sandwich and then a very nice dessert--I don't remember what it was called, but two layers of tasty toasted vermicelli over a layer of creamy, sweetened cheese. Very neat, nice texture!

Bopped around the southeast area looking for thrift shops for several hours, found some real treasures. Then went north for dinner and one or two more shops. Dinner at an Indian buffet, with another dessert I'd never heard of before--Kasmiri naan, Indian flatbread with an almond-cashew-pistachio-cherry filling. Very nice!

Went up to our hotel room for the night, crashed at 11:30 or so.

Part of my San Antonio Vacation ideal was "hotel on the riverwalk," which I got, though it's more exciting in my head and the riverwalk is kind of dead in the mornings :( But the view of SA from our 18th-floor room was nice!

Struggled with the hotel coffee pot. It was one of those 1.6-cup ones, and it took quite literally 45 minutes to brew it. Aigh! And there was "creamer," I don't know what that stuff is. No-one does.

Puttered around downtown before lunch, hit a little Texican breakfast restaurant that justifiably prided itself for its good-but-incredibly-slow food. Home-made corn tortillas are wonderful.

Hit the downtown market area, got some milagros for mom's vacation bible school, hit the nice upscale Goodwill, then back to the car for some around-town shopping--MOSTLY I was hunting the rest of the Texas Thrift chain, but hit other stuff--goodwills, Thrift Town, etc.

Wrapped up the hitting a Goodwill Clearance house. Those are claustrophobic and not very rewarding :( And managed to miss Path the Hyena, just didn't make that connection. Ach!

Went home, had dinner with mom--vietnamese at 888, good stuff, nice presentation! She was very happy to get her milagros, and hadn't gotten my texts saying I was picking them up.

Then home! Just enough energy to mow the front lawn, which was as overgrown and weedy as a teenage boy. After that, sessation of movement :)

So, our treasures for the weekend: A beautiful olde style 1940s-ish surveyor's level, very steampunk! Will make a nice centerpiece. A pretty lamp--brownish etched glass cylinder with brass-looking ornaments, again very steampunky, looks like a better piece than it is, the "brass" is resin. A few nice shirts each, a book on animal animation by Tezuma (?sp? The Kimba the Lion guy!) And a lot of good food!

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