Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Long weekend in review!

Happy Independence day! Lots of stirring patriotism over NPR talking about the ability of one person's vote to change the world. I called them up and asked them if that was true of a liberal vote in Texas. They said no, which was a little depressing, but it's nice being right.

Friday game night, a lot of fun--mostly an RP session as the GM rolled out the metaplot, which was pretty neat and I wasn't expecting it at all. Interesting stuff, lots of deicide.

Saturday--got up really late, 10:00, and was sleepy all day. Bleah. A little thrift-shopping with Whines, semi-random puttering and erranding, then home for cooking and stuff.

I got it in my head to make flavored syrups, the best of which was a coconut syrup and a toasted-almond mint syrup, both quite tasty! I still haven't gotten tired of coconut soda :)

Sunday--church in the morning, generally worthwhile stuff. Lunch, then 4th of July stuff with mom--we went down to the river for fireworks, ended up in a community-sponsored firework-watching area that was RIGHT UNDERNEATH the blast zone. Which was great, except that tons of shrapnel, some of it still emitting sparks, was showering down on us! The screams added an unusual thrill to the event :) A piece of cardboard about as big and heavy as a third of a pencil thwapped me an inch from my eye :) I saved it.

Monday--lunch with Tofu-fox, donated a carload of stuff to goodwill, loaded up a carload more, then dinner with Maru and Faust to celebrate their new job(s)! W00t :)

Home, chatted for a while with Lhexa, then early bed.

In other news, the squash plant is growing a squash :) Will I beat the bugs to it? Probably not!

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