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1. The Aristocats isn't as good as I remember it, and I remember it being not that good. Sad but true, how childhood disillusions die over the years. It's *not* a bad film. I made a batch of custard a few nights ago and forgot to put any sugar in. I've finished it all, but I'm not really sure why, it wasn't much of a value-add, though the toasted coconut sprinkles helped. This custard is the Aristocats. Except that I LOVE the "sketchy lines" period of Disney classic animation. It's so warm and human, it makes all the later stuff seem cold. I don't know why Pixar seems warm by contrast, it may be they've got a better control over lighting and less alien characters.

2. Went window-shopping last night at a couple of thrift stores. Stopped by a gaming supply shop. They had a new villian lead-pewter miniature named "Castrus Vile." I'm not sure I could respect someone named Castrus. I'd snicker. On a not dissimiler note, saw a T-Shirt at Target that was using some sort of iconic bull as an image, but despite the critter's "I'll gore you, see if I don't" stance, it was as smooth as a Ken doll. I don't know why I'm mentioning it, except that bulls in art are not usually emasculated so, they're the only animal that it's generally acceptable to leave the bits intact, and it struck me as a little odd.

3. Ate at Chinese BBQ with Whines last night, wanted to go out and do...something...before hunkering down in the kitchen to prep for the office potluck. Accidently ordered a large bowl of hot and sour soup. Ate most of it. Then ate dinner, and some of Whines's dinner. I don't know what sin I'm going to specifically go to heck for, but gluttony's on the list. I think apostasy is a higher-ranked sin though, so pass the soup.

4. Potato salad for the potluck. Flavor excellent, this *is* the recipe I made up with my father for, but the texture's a little mushy, I overcooked and overstirred. Awful tasty though!

5. Full day without e-mail at work yesterday after contract expired. Contract renewed thru end of year.

6. Have managed to update Thrifthorror.Com every MWF for the last two weeks, and have articles set up through July 26 already. Did I mention the lack of e-mail? Never let that interfere with productivity.

7. Mom whining at me because I don't want to go (and drag Whines to) my aunt's house for July 4. Holidays should be enjoyed and enjoyable, and I don't particularly see the fun of being at a retiree's house for a day and a half, even if there's off-road racing and boat-riding to be had. I'm not about to have to change my panties over 4-wheelers and other people surfing. Am right on the edge of seriously telling mom to STFU, she ALWAYS whines at holidays and family events. Told her repeatedly: You have your family, I have mine, the overlap doesn't extend more than a generation.

8. Looking forward to D&D after a long frustrating week. May be a bit maniacal about getting the game to start on time. I really need my fix!


2010-07-02 04:02 pm (UTC)
Aristocats was the last Disney film to not use Xerox tech. Having xeroxes duplicating much of the face and only changing a few facial features to make characters talk sped things up immensely. But in the Aristocats, it was full on, pen to the paper, draw you bas***ds draw, hand drawn everything.
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2010-07-02 06:19 pm (UTC)
That's's a good landmark in that respect, and I can sympathize with the amount of animation they recycle.
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