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Did a little light shopping yesterday--stopped by a couple of thrift stores on my way home, just to see what was out there. Found a rather pretty spangled vest, it's kind of a stylized diagonal tigery pattern of yellow and orange, but set with sparkly seed beads and tiny pearls. It's not QUITE the Czech vest I wanted to go with my various icons, but it's acceptably foreign and sparkly for now.

A little snug on me. It's a woman's large, I think. Not un-closeable, but there is a bit too much of me currently to fasten it. *sigh*

Whilest in the thrift shop--which was an unusually squalorous thrift shop--there were kids running rampant. One of them, a little boy, climbed into a Disney Princess roadster--a little VW-styled kiddy plastic car, pale purple, with princesses--and rode all over half the store. Other kids were spinning on racks and stuff. Yeesh!

Also found a book of fashion tips from 1982 about re-using vintage finds from the 70's. May or may not do a week-long book review on that, I'm not sure how copyright would work. It's a bit recent.

Tired a lot recently, I think I've just not been getting to sleep until midnight most nights, which makes it hard to get up. Consistantly getting to work in a half-asleep state. Since I have nothing to do at work--once again, I've had about 30 minutes of job-related activity--I *stay* half-asleep all day. When a supervisor actually calls me, I have to really work to figure out what she's saying.

This is compounded by the fact that she's asking me to do things that her secretary really should be doing--but since nobody is asking me to do anything anyway, I might as well. *sigh* I feel so stupid here! Not "this is beyond me," but "I left my brain at home because I did not need it" stupid. Grr. Still haven't heard back from any job applications in like a month, and I'm doing two or three a week. Oh, well. It feels like things are looking up for a lot of my friends, I hope that's a trend!


2010-06-30 12:29 am (UTC)
if you are interested in seeing if the vest can be let out, gimme a hollar.
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2010-06-30 01:12 pm (UTC)
It's a thought! It's so close to a fit tho I'd really rather see if I can be let in. I'm still a bit rounder than I'd like to be.
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