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Grump grump grump, lazy pagans :(

I hate being down on the church's pagan group, because I care about it and invested a LOT of my time in it back in the day. But they're not a really "happening" group.

So...every September I plan a massive event at the church, its annual free-for-all for church groups to show off their stuff, get new members, meet and greet and sign newbies up. It's a great event and some groups use that as their only recruitment event.

Very few groups ever say "no, thanks," to a spot at this thang. Only a group that really isn't interested in being a part of the church, is thinking about folding, or totally doesn't care about recruiting would skip out. The Finance Committee isn't really interested in new members, they're like a senate subcomittee, so they might not show. That's forgivable.

So, when the pagan group's leader tells me "I'm not going to commit to a table at the fair right now," I get really angry. They're only sometimes a part of the church anyway, perilously close to the pagan trap of using the church's resources without contributing, and they cancel a lot of the time. Blowing this event off--maybe I'm egotistical and pompous on this, because it's an event that I plan, but really, v-e-r-y few groups say "no" to me--blowing this event off seems like saying "tra la, we're not a part of that group except when it's convenient, Goddess knows I don't have the time to set aside a Sunday Morning for something as lame as church. BTW, I'd like to renew my evening room reservation to create opportunities for the people I know and have contacted to learn more about paganism."

Sorry to be a little bitter, this is the ONLY general-purpose event for EVERY church group to strut their stuff, and I'm genuinely angry that a group I care about would be so apathetic as to say anything other than "of COURSE!!!" It seems like a complete failure on their part to even suggest "maybe not this time."


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I would view this as an excellent opportunity to ask the leader and the seconds of that group and ask if something is wrong with how they perceive they are being treated by the church. You've a wide umbrella in your church and that impresses me. But sometimes once people are under the umbrella, they want to deny the coverage to others and form their own little clique. This could be others in the church you aren't aware of. Or it could be that the pagans are less accepting of the rest of the church membership as well.
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One of the ongoing problems with pagans under a UU umbrella is they don't play well with others--they're happy just to have the larger group provide the space to play, and sometimes form an actual clique. It's not THAT bad, but only one person on the pagan team actually works to bring in outsiders, and she's doing three other things in the church, so she's stretched thin.

The current leader of the pagan group has a history of cancellations, no-shows, etc., this is more of a pattern than a surprise. It's just a pattern that I'm workign against!
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No to hijack your post, but...
do you know offhand if Campfire has signed up for a table? Because if not, let me know and I'll go kick people and make it happen.
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It's still kind of early in the game, and I haven't really started getting my sh!t together, but they said "yes" to my information in the prgram guide and didn't give an indication that they wouldn't want a tablespace.

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