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Hee hee...

There's a fun little article on Dragon Magazine Online about playing evil monster racs. It looks at the sad fact that gnolls are THE race to kill and disembowel in D&D artwork. It also has this to say, quoting from another source:

"There's plenty of precedent for relativistic philosophy within the game -- after all, the good guys often commit acts that would be looked at askance in any court of law. Indeed, in a typical adventure, the "heroes" are more likely to kill helpless foes than the "villains" are; it's become one of the clichés of fantasy fiction that the villains are more likely to take prisoners than the heroes...The bad guys may staunch a hero's wounds and hold him or her for ransom...whereas the average adventurer group simply kills its foes, occasionally conveniently failing to hear offers of surrender."

I'm strongly reminded of John Tynes's metagame, "PowerKill". I won't spoil it if you haven't read it, but it does ask some interesting questions about where the Fun And Excitement of gaming comes from.

Nice little friendly piece, though :)

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