Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Aww, LJ has a rainbow banner up, I think it's for Gay Pride :) Cute! Or it may just be a rainbow squiggle, but this is pride-time, in general.

Looking at my house, I'm not seeing a lot of gay pride, though, mostly gay "too busy to do house-cleaning." There's a certain amount of gay smut, which is, if not pride, at least shameless.

LOTS of gaming this weekend, pretty good stuff. I think I'm getting a little bit burnt out on D&D 4E, but that's no big thing.

Friday, A's game--very late start, we've gotta get on a schedule and stick to it :( Not bad, though, two battles, party managed to take down a Dracolich, I don't think we were expecting to! It tried to escape, but my druid has a power that *if* I hit twice in a row can drop someone to the ground if they try to run away, and he did, and I did, and...thump.

Dragons in 4E are really not that impressive. They need minions, they're not stand-alone encounters, even though they want to be. They need a little backup.

Saturday--spent the morning plotting, went out, did a little shopping but didn't ultimately find or buy anything great. Just needed to get out of the house a bit!

Saturday evening--my game. Party in the underdark. Did a really nice, table-sized combat map, had some genuinely threatening encounters that weren't terribly far above level. Excellent! If after a combat scene someone says "that was exciting!" you've done a good job :)

Both games are suffering from Analysis Paralysis though. People are starting to question other people about what to do in combat. That's a problem, we're getting really laggy :(

When In Doubt, Roll And Shout!!

Sunday--church meeting in the morning, well enough. I'm feeling very tread-watery at church right now. Not a lot of support. But a lot of enthusiastic brain-storming from my little old ladies, so that's good :)

Whines ran his game Sunday evening, mostly a newbie-game for some of our furry friends, at least three of whom have never, or v-e-r-y rarely, played D&D. It went pretty well, overall, we were outclassed by some dire wolves and Whines pulled his punches a bit, but these were new players, who had yet to learn some things like "plese don't send your wizard marching into the middle of combat." Unfortunately I'm having to burn through most of my heals in the first three rounds, we need to work on our defensive teamwork!

Whines had a sideline plot that was for my demonic-shaman character, which was fun, even if it realistically killed the sorcerer (who shouldn't have been in a strike-able position...) Gotta work on that. Very myazaki-esque, we ended up destroying a little sacred grove to get a Totem Spear, which is teh awesome weapon for a Shaman, but I do feel a little guilty about the sad fate of the imaginary sacred place :(

Made a pretty good dinner! Felt a little inspired, so made a salad of romaine lettuce, sliced pears, cranberries, bacon, and gorganzola cheese, a little balsamic and olive oil for dressing. Quite good, and reasonably healthy! Flavors were pretty well-balanced for a "spur of the moment" thing!

Very tired now, tho, played too late three nights in a row, and my biological clock makes me get up at 8:00 even if I've been up 'till 3:00.

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