Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Unfortunately short weekend!

Had a good D&D game friday, some fun combat and investigation. Closer to an on-level challenge, so we were able to hit more effectively, but the enemy nearly downed us anyway. The second was a bit more of a cakewalk, but my character threw in an ongoing-damage/shove enemies around power that ate half the combat board, which probably didn't help.

Saturday--too short! Grabbed lunch with Whines, did a few errands, came home to clean up and maybe cook a bit. Whines ran his first game in a while, that was fun :) I'm dabbling with the shaman class. Interesting mechanics, having a dangerous, unkillable pet running around adds a layer of frustration for the enemies.

Sunday--church stuff in the morning, a big gap of like four hours, then helped Quinn move some stuff to our house, where Quinn will reside for...some time, I dunno, we've talked about six months to a year so she can get to a "got some savings" place, but it's open-ended. I do have the mild fear that all our roommates will wander off at the same time, which wouldn't be world-ending, but it would create new challenges and situations.

Came back, watched some MST3K shorts with Lhexa, chattered for a bit, went to bed.

Very short weekend. I don't really feel like I accomplished anything major.

Oh! Applied for a job as Marketing Guy for the local animal shelter :) Of course no callback yet, or indeed, may not necessarily GET a callback, but they want a markety person that's social enough to do presentations and guided tours, data-focused enough to support the fundraising campaign, and creative enough to do lots of copywriting. I didn't mention "plus, thinks he's a dog" to my resume. All the dogs at the shelter have to get spayed or neutered, and I don't want them to get ideas. Still, it's a role that sounds rewarding, challenging, definately within my abilities, with a lot of furry "cred" :)


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Best of luck with the application, that'd be a plum job!
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Don't worry, I'm not deserting you all. And it isn't in the foreseeable future. Unless of course ya'll decide I'm evil and give me the boot for my high demands. ;p

Good luck on the job app. :)

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