Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Buh. Horrible, graphic dream.

Really unpleasant, really nasty dream. Dreams sometimes get stuck in iterative loops of repeating and building on an idea. This one totally did.

Whines and I were driving through Texas scrub--maybe something like the area between Austin and Fredericksburg, and we hit and presumably killed a deer. The dream decided that I needed to field-strip the deer so that the meat didn't go to waste. (It's probably worth stating that in real life I really don't like working with anything more identifiable than a frozen chicken breast, though I did hack apart some very life-like rabbit a few weeks ago).

Which was pretty straightforward, skin the thing's carcass and throw it in the car, except once the dream started getting into "playing with knives," it went into weird places. Like I had to remove the creature's lower jaw, and its legs at the shins, and file its teeth down to nubs. I had no idea why. The dream got a little confused on the anatomy, something more like a dog than a deer, I think it lost its own plot there somewhere. (Oh, and there's my usual dental fixation at work, that's a recurring theme.)

Which was all mildly hideous, made worse when we had to stop the car because, even after all that imprompteau butchery, the thing was STILL ALIVE. I had to open the SUV side door for some reason, and it tottered toward me, trying to lick me imploringly, with its lower jaw hanging uselessly. (again, confusion between dog and deer).

Then it stumbled out the door and made a wobbly break for the forest. I was TOTALLY okay with letting it go, but Whines admonished me, telling me it would be cruel to let it live like that.

Then I woke up, and thought REALLY hard about D&D characters to keep from re-living any of that. Yeesh!
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