Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review

Another week blew by. Friday, gaming, got a really late start. It's hard to stop old Cammies from telling war stories, and social time's good, but on the other paw, we do get together for gaming, not re-hashing. Grump, grump. It's hard to get things to get off one topic that half the group has in common. Not a bad game, tho. I got to do some controllery things, like a one-two-three combo that blew me past all the enemies, shoved half of them out into vulnerable terrain and immobalized them, then did the same to the other half. Yay controller :) but my poor gnoll is having to spend a few days apart from his pet hyenas, because they were afraid of the necromancer's tower :( Sad gnoll.

Saturday, Whines MADE me mow the front lawn. Or asked me to. Or indicated that the lawn needed mowing, and I was at that very moment lounging in bed reading "The Magicians." *sigh* Damned demanding mate, never gives me a moment's rest, always making me do things! *snicker*

Sister had a little "I'm graduating AND engaged" lunch that afternoon. Sister's boyfriend fiancee's family is very chatty and physical and cheerfully abusive. Come to it, so's mine. Whines observes that it's a pretty good match. Don't give pokey abusive people chopsticks, BTW.

Some light shopping, no remarkable finds, except finally found a DVD of Urosai Yatsura's "Beautiful Dreamer." Forgive spelling please, I'd been looking for that for years!

I forget what happened Saturday night. Oh, Lhexa visited for the evening, he seemed a little tired and blue, so we chattered a bit, I ended up crashing early.

Sunday--church work in the morning (unfulfilling, but other people seemed happy). Took Whines to Bombay Bistro, a very nice Indian buffet, since buffets are a quick lunch and that was on the way to our Ravenloft game. Then, Ravenloft game, lots of talky-talky bard time. Bard found out he wasn't a heriditary were-jackal, so he took his "amulet of protection" off for the first time in years. Here, game master, have some rope, please hang me how you see fit.

Found a copy of the very mediocre and missable anime of "Dante's Inferno," invited the inmates of Chukar over to watch. It sucked. We had popcorn. Which pretty much wrapped up a too-brief weekend.

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