Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Let's have a conversation, Mr. Last Week!

What a week. I swear, I had about half an hour of work to deal with, maaaaybe an hour. There was some minor stuff I could have been doing, but it's sooo hard to do the "maintenance" stuff when there's nobody in the office and nobody's saying anything...there's a fair bit of job-security gloom in the office these days.

Starting work on a new blog, possibly co-writing with Sam. The basic theme is "reading paranormal romance so YOU don't have to." Basically, a pair of snarky goths going through Twilight and other similer books. Should be fun. I'm asking a cartoonist to do pics of myself and Sam all gothy and foolish-looking.

Schlitterbahn yesterday, touching base with some furs we hadn't seen in a while. Not a bad trip, a bit of a mixed bag. Ate most of our time there waiting in line for a ride for, wow, nearly three hours. Not gonna do that again. Next time, if you see a sign saying "two hour wait," believe it! *shrug* these things, they happen.

Went back for a last-minute splash through the infinite water circle with rapids, my favorite "ride" in the park, a long loop, basically a wave pool in a big circle. Toward the end of one loop, I got thrown underwater, surfaced, and took an inner tube to the face--bending the frame of my glasses and popping out a lens. Sigh. Thankfully, I have my blue "in character" glasses (see icon), but they're a little hard to wear constantly. I'll see if I can't replace the lens or get a new pair over the week.

Thanks to Ip and Pacer for hosting that one. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to host a "graymuzzle gather," maybe once a month or so. Hmm.

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