Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

In other news,

Far-right Christian group that shall go unnamed because they grok for their names implies that I associate with whoremongers, idolaters, and sorcerers. I take offense. I don't THINK I associate with whoremongers. If you have to pay for gay in Austin, you're probably doing something wrong.


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And what's wrong with associating with gay sorcerers?
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Plus our party hasn't included that class for YEARS now. ;)
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...wait, I'm thinking Warlocks. Oh well, guilty as charged! But we did get him killed, that counts in our favor, right?
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I thought at first you were talking about Whoremongers! What kind of a class would that be? Probably a leader. Or a Controller with a summoner specialty. I have no idea.

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