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Coyote Networks Hyena's Den, Part I

Coyote Networks Hyena's Den

They say that Coyote tried to shoot down the sun once, and he never tried that again. It was too hard to get this arrows back; when his four best arrows were stuck in the sun's big blue roof he climbed the spider-thread that Xah, the spider-woman, made for him. Now, the sun runs very quickly through the sky, and takes his house with him. So, when Coyote climbed back down, and made Xah so angry that she cut her rope to drop him, he was a long, long way from his wife and his home, and the animal people in this land had bigger ears.

Coyote was hungry, and he was the greatest hunter he knew of. It would be no trouble to find a deer to eat. He climbed to the top of a tree, and looked across the plain. There were deer, but they were strange deer with horns twisted like a rope and sharp as a spear, and when he chased them, they jumped and ran as fast as Salmon leaps through a stream.

"You are going to need help to catch those, Coyote." A bird spoke up. This was Hornbill, who often put his big beak into the affairs of other, more important creatures.

"Why? Are you saying there are hunters who are better than I am?"

"I am saying that there are hunters who can catch a gazelle."

"Well, tell me about these great hunters. I will let them show me how they would catch a gazelle, then I will show them how Coyote catches a gazelle. See? The gazelle are already running. See how they fear me!"

"I know three hunters who have already caught gazelle today, before the sun even came up."

"Who are they? They would be grateful to have a strong hunter like me share their meal. Think of all the things we could talk about! I will tell them about all the gazelles I have caught."

"They are Cheetah, Lion and Hyena."

"Tell me about Cheetah."

"Cheetah is like Mountain Lion, but very fast."

"I am very fast--faster than a deer. Two deers!"

"When Cheetah runs, the wind has to catch her breath."

"Oh. Well, what about lion?"

"Do you know Bear?"

"Yes! Bear is very big."

"Lion is bigger."

"Then tell me about Hyena," said Coyote.

"Hyena? Hyena is kind of stupid."

"Then I will meet this Hyena! We will have much to talk about, this morning."

Inspired by a true story :)
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