Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

A creature named Lament


I will name my daughter's pet Lament.
It shall be
A small creature, tentative,
With delicate paws,
Precise in its movements,
and like all of its breed
a creature with gnawing teeth
and a tufted tail
for ease of transport.
Quick of movement,
Quick of life,
Bright eyes,
Of a disposition acceptable
to a tender child
Not yet toughened by the heartless years
Past the age of ten.
It shall live to its best means,
It shall scamper, and cling,
and sleep with the passion of the small and safe.
And in time's full round
When its thread is wound to its last,
When age, or terror, or a beast claims it,
or it has not been fed,
and it is still and cold,
There will be no tears
in my daughter's eyes
for that shall be the end
of Lament.

(From a series, "verses composed while burning twenty CDs at work")
Tags: poetry
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