Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

...Like my tortured wallet...

Austinfolk! Spread the word on this one, it's really cute--at least, those that would appreciate.

On South First, about a mile south of the river near Annie--if you were driving North from Oltorf, you'd pass Live Oak, then the weird little shopping centers caddie-corner to La Reyna restaurant--is a new store! This is in the same location as a half-dozen crappy "vintage" look-alike stores.

This one's good, though! It's called "Hidden Oktober," and it's a neat little goth shop. I got a nice ren-fest vest, Badger got some sort of black button-down shirt, we all salivated over an antique-looking wooden end-table shaped like bats, and October bought a striped purple and black flying penis. For a birthday present, mind.

Anyway, it's like the best stuff from Hot Topic stuffed into a tiny retro-vintage store. Great fun. Want the end-table. Saw birthday present for Whines, if it's available in his size.

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