Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Seven-Card Jack

Loosely based on Five-Card Nancy by Scott McCloud

You Need: Two copies of the Complete Tract Assortment from Chick Publications
Pennies, or "Souls"
Patient friends.

1) Building the cards: Take the two tract assortments. Mount the front cover, back "prayer" and inner material, roughly one panel to a "card" (it's not important that cards be the same size). All-text panels and really boring bits may be omitted. Recurring images (the lake of fire and glowing, faceless Christ-God) should not be omitted, otherwise the essential spirit of the Chick Experience is lost.

Play (if anybody can offer suggestions...)
Each player draws seven cards from the draw pile (or "Lake of Fire"), and gets three (?) Souls. The player who has most recently broken a commandment plays first (in the event of a tie, the player who has violated the larger portion of Leviticus goes first).

Play proceeds as follows: Put down a panel and pass to the left. The object is to play all of your panels. The panels MUST tell a coherant story, or at least be funny or amusingly bizaare. Panels are played on either the left or right of the tract-in-progress.

If a card that's really dull or a non-sequitor is played, another player can ask for a general vote. If most players agree that card was inappropriate, the player takes it back and passes to the left. However, the vote-calling player must give a Soul to the vetoed player, to compensate for emotional damages.

A player can play two panels together (a "page") by giving a Soul to the Lake of Fire. For veto purposes, these act as a single played panel.

Interrupting: If a player HAS to put a new panel in because it's really funny, he can interrupt the NEXT player, but must give him a Soul. After the interruption, the interrupted player goes as normal. No-one can play their last or second-to-the-last card as an Interruption.

Front cover, back-page prayer: Once these are played, the tract cannot be built in that direction. If you play one of these panels, throw a Soul into the Lake of Fire.

"Fang": The character "Fang," the evil-looking lap-dog, should only appear once per tract. Playing Fang twice in the same tract counts as an inappropriate card, if anyone wants to call a vote.

Faceless Christ: The appearance of the Faceless Christ card is a sign that the tract is nearly finished. Only up to seven panels can be played after the Faceless Christ ("after" refering to the progression of the tract, "to the right" of the Faceless Christ.)

If a player can't play an appropriate card on the existing tract, he can opt to start a new tract. He must give a Soul to the Lake of Fire, though. Once multiple tracts are in play, a player can place panels wherever they seem funny.

Players can draw new panels at any time, and GAIN a Soul by drawing three cards. They can also discard a panel and draw a new one, but must give a Soul to the Lake of Fire for this non-sporting behavior.

Winning: A player wins by playing the last panel in his hand. HOWEVER, the winning play is subject to a veto vote. If the majority of players believe it's dull or a non-sequitor, the vetoed player must draw two new panels, or three panels and discard the panel he attempted to play. But he gets a Soul.


One thing I'd like to do is include "rules" for building theme tracts--ways to reward people who play up the big themes of anti-catholicism, homosexuality, evolution, The Occult. Any ideas along these lines would be appreciated.
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