Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Day 2:

I have built a small blind behind the bulliten board in the break room, where these beautiful creatures seldom approach, except to, in a manner almost ritualized, affix a small note that their younger offspring are raising monies for heart disease, or possibly against heart disease. It is difficult to interprete their subtle communication, particularly without the defining status markers of body language and suit quality. I am sure that they will not notice my presence here, although a particularly clever specimen, who I shall call Brighteye, seems to have noticed that there is an extra mug at the coffee pot.

Brighteye is somewhat distanced from the main herd. I believe this is because he has no children, and as an abundant portion of their conversation centers on their offspring--indeed, principal among their greeting rituals is sharing photographs of their young. I believe hierarchy in their society may in some way depend on the complex social engagements of their sons and daughters, and the number of activities they are engaged in. This has put Brighteye at a disadvantage, but may provide me an opportunity to watch his beautiful, rarely observed courtship ritual.

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