Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Recent house events, for those who care--

Badger has been following through with his pickle luminescence project, much to everybody's dark terror. The fear is that he will burn down the house or cover it with bits of exploded gherkin. He acquired a jar of pickle slices, and a jar of complete pickles. Since only half a pickle lights up when you run house current through it, I guess the entire slice will illuminate? Probably not.

I have acquired a cooking skillet with a 14" base, and wide sides--a half a yard wide skillet. I will take this skillet to bed with me, for I am experiencing kitchenlust. I can simul-fry six burgers in my new skillet, at the same time, and it makes a most satisfying sound when struck against someone's head.

Today, I am giving up caffeine. I've had a cup of decaf coffee this morning, it is unsatisfactory, like a shakespearean pun. Unfortunately, as an Artist, I'm required by the union to have at least one vice, I'll have to find someonething to substitute. Absinthe is tempting, but technically illegal, and I'm not a fan of drink anyway--maybe soy products to excess? Reading style manuals as a road to dissipation and moral decrepitude? (looks through spice cabinet) I've heard that, no, never use baking supplies for other than their intended purpose. That's why your sister was in jail, Spotty. (re-reads previous lines) October's right, I am a nellie :)

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