Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Travel plans, end of the month:

My bossinatrix has asked me to drive her to a conference in Houston. This is a Good Thing overall, as she's really in charge of where my career goes, and she loves me and sometimes gives me chai and-or stuffed lions (and, last Wednesday, a copy of our book "Animal Scavengers," which has a big slobbery crocuta crocuta on the front cover).

This is totally a good thing, but I'm askeered of spending five hours in the car with my boss. It's the Big Awkward. At least there isn't a musical incompatibility problem, and we get along really well (she's a lot like my mother, really, and great fun to brainstorm with), but I only have about two hours of "normal" conversation, two hours of work conversation, and then probably another four hours of time with this person to fill, and I have to look professional.

At least we both like 80's music, that helps, but I'm worried about this one.

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