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Jello event--

So, a new Asian buffet opened near Whines' and Auliya's house, on Burnet a little north of Dragon's Lair. It's quite nice, fried food a little dry, no pot stickers and I had to track down the waiter to get soy sauce, but overall, great potential for eating too much. I mean, you get Mongolian barbeque as a side dish. Wow.

nihilgibbs and the_october had dinner there, along with Gibbs's squeeze.

Anyway, the jello.

Its texture was profound. Like geletin dessert merged with a superball, it held its shape. When dropped, it would bounce, even do flips if dropped with force. It would crumble between your teeth, shattering almost, if geletin could shatter. It had almost watermelon and almost coconut flavors, but the flavor was secondary to the experience of this strange, crumbling confection. We gave up on eating it, and instead started drilling holes in it with our straws. When the light passed through it, it shown with a rich, gemlike glow, like fine jade, but slimy. And when the light caught the shafts of the soda straws...so beautiful.

Later, I tried to see how far I could launch a strawful of rice-based gelatinous dessert. Not far, it had some serious tenacity.

So very neat.


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Jun. 17th, 2004 06:38 am (UTC)
This sounds remarkably like the leechee-fruit gelatin cups that were recently withdrawn from all US markets because, no joke, kids were choking to death on them. the gelatin was just sticky enough and resistant to disolving and the leechee fruit just rubbery enough to get cought in a kids windpipe and kill them.

Mmmm.. tastes like asphyxiation...
Jun. 17th, 2004 07:34 am (UTC)
It wasn't sticky, really. It was dry and, as Spotty says, brittle. I think this will call for some testing with different types of gelatin, probably as soon as Saturday. If you hear of an evil green blob-thing devouring south Austin, you'll know either that I was successful or that I disasterously failed. They're kind of the same thing.
Also, Spotty, if you want me to email the pictures to you, I can. If you'll send an email to my address (my first name at my first initial my last name [all one word] fullstop commerce), I can send along the photographic evidence of this jade-like, probably-inorganic superball-gello.
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