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Wow, fun, kind of sad.

Went with Pacer, October and Texyote to a solstice Summer Is A Cumin' In gathering at the local Unitarian Universalist Church. Nice enough ritual, they wrote some of the songs, engaged the audience in a dance, had a lot of great participation, 3.5 stars out of four on audience engagement. Damned good job on that!

But what drew me to the event was the dessert potluck. I made two mocha latte cream pies (urf, still a little hyper...) started heading out the door, and thought "I should bring paper plates, napkins, spoons, and a serving implement."

Thank Aneris that I did.

On the table: Two cakes, four pies. To serve: my little pie trowel (Thanks John and Amanda for that gift :) No plates, no utensils, no napkins brought. Texyote, October and I pretty much commandeered the table, serving the children first, then the adults, and everybody was nicely fooded.

Disorganized religion is a good thing, but do take a page from the proud tradition of the church social--the organizing party brings plates and cups.

Given that I'm something of a control freak, I'm kind of thinking this could be a good home for me. Later on, we and a sweetie named Beth stayed to clean up all the remainders, and brought home some leftover treats, including a loaf of banana bread made by a genuine little old lady (besides myself).

Incidentally, John, my pie trowel broke. (big soulful eyes)

Nice event, will almost certainly go back.
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