Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Gender-Neutral Folk Song


Gender-Neutral Folk Song

On many a summer's morning
I'd go down to the fair,
And there would I distract my eye
to see the people there,
With many fetching lads and lasses,
like Judy, Mark or Geordie-o
But none were there that could compare
to my bright lady or lordy-o.

You may sing to me of sweet Marie,
Or sing about her sister,
Or handsome Joe or Josephine,
That pretty miss (or mister)
But many's the gay and happy day
we'll pass before I wander,
My true love is more dear to me
Than a prince's son or daughter.

In the garden, or the hillside,
My love and I would meet,
And he/she held a hand in mine,
and gave me kisses sweet.
We'd talk of running far away,
Eloping 'cross the water,
and deprive my future in-laws
of their dowry, or their daughter.


And if he or she dropped to their knee,
I'd surely marry they,
To be man and wife, or similer,
'Till we're both old and grey,
And from the chapel doors we'll ride,
On a fine stallion or mare,
and through the morning dew I'll go
By my sweet(insert sex here).

Tags: poetry

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