Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Minor life updates--

Employment--Work the last two weeks has been wonderful! There's a big sales conference and training session next week, and I've been poinging around with Photoshop and Powerpoint doing e-slideshows, doing a bit of creative work, training people, and I think I've got a few ideas that could *really* impress management when they get back. Like, "reflected in my paycheck" impress. Woot. Feeling terribly loved and appreciated right now. Owing to a weird request from management, I have just "Febreezed" my trenchcoat collection and will be shipping it temporarily to Florida.

Cooking--Black pepper in the chipoltle cake not a good idea. Still a work in progress. Still a really good idea, just needs fine-tuning and bittersweet chocolate. For some reason, have forgotten how to successfully make rice. Keep making rice soup. Need to make several loaves of bread this Saturday.

Social life--still single. Shock, horror.

Religion--Blending in nicely with the Unitarian Pagans, trying to contribute without going on a power trip. Strong hereditary tendency toward power trip inherited from my father. Must put down the agenda and step slowly away from the committee. Will be attempting to tell the story of Istar's murder of her own son and descent into the underworld for children's storytime. Fun, fun.

Mother--Still hurting from breakup with her boyfriend. But on the mend. She was in good spirits when we had dinner last night, and is showing signs of voting Democrat this year. I can't help but be cheered by this.

Bad Taste--"Dr. Caligari" is a spectacularly weird piece of late 80's crap. The giant tongue scene is aesthetically pure. Good or bad, I'm not sure.

Writing--that would be a big negatory. Lot of ideas kicking around, though, which is fun.

Hyenas--nothing new on the hyena front. They're still smelly and generally perceived as not terribly cute.

I do believe that's everything. We now return you to somebody *else's* self-involved rambling :)

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