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No man is a frankfurter...

One of the games my boss #2 is staging for the big sales conference is a "survivor" themed activity, so she asked me to make signs for each of the teams in the game, naming each one after an island. Natch, I try to liven it up a bit, so I start naming the islands, "East Coast Coast," "Cape of North Central Region," "Isle of Texas," et cetera. Eventually, I start running out of synonyms for "island," so I pull up Miriam-Webster on-line.

Island: Verb. To isolate. Outcast, Exile...

No help there, ever since MW went paysite it's been almost useless--so I pull up another site.

Island (n)
Hot dog, schnitzel, weiner, sausage...

(blink, blink)

(The answer, for those that turn the book upside down to read the solution at the bottom of the page, is that "Coney Island" is a synonym for hot dog. Thus...)
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